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Lady Jae Designs - Unique and Modern Wedding Suites. Order Samples today.
Lady Jae Designs - Unique and Modern Wedding Suites. Order Samples today.
Lady Jae Designs - Unique and Modern Wedding Suites. Order 5 free Samples today.
Lady Jae Designs grew from creator Lisa Levy's lifelong desire to create beautiful things. She has been drawing, painting and creating since she was a little girl. She liked to color outside the lines (though some say it was mostly on the walls!), so her natural career choice was in design. She spent more than 11 years designing interactive solutions for the web. Despite her success, Lisa longed to color outside of the lines again. As a result, Lisa started in stationery the same way that a lot of people do—by designing her own wedding invitation. That venture turned into invitations for friends and so on, until Lisa made the leap and started Lady Jae Designs in 2005.

EVERYDAY INSPIRATION: Lisa finds inspiration almost everywhere she looks. "I see colors and shapes and beauty where most people see 'things,'" she says. She also draws inspiration from her two daughters, nature, textures and the latest in fashion and interior design.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? When trying to decide what to call her business, Lisa kept hearing her grandmother calling her by the endearing nickname "Lady Jane" (usually when she was in trouble). Her oldest daughter's name is Alexa Jae, and when she put the two together, Lady Jae seemed to be a new twist on something old fashioned—a perfect representation of her unique design aesthetic.

A PASSION FOR PAPER: "I just love paper and printed stationery, which I think are small works of art all by themselves.”

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